Why Is Linux Reseller Hosting More Popular Than Windows Reseller Hosting?

Once you start planning your Reseller Hosting business, there are hundreds of decisions to be made. One such critical decision is choosing between a Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting Plan. While both platforms have their pros and cons, Linux-based Reseller Hosting plans are more popular than Windows. In this article, we will look at the reasons behind site owners preferring Linux.

When you start a hosting reseller business, you buy a Reseller Plan from a hosting company, create customized hosting packages, market your services, and sell them to your customers. You determine a target market that you want to sell the hosting services to and create customized packages focused on them. 

While selecting a Reseller Plan, you need to decide the amount of hosting resources you will need to service your target market and the operating system that can work best for you. Based on the operating system, Reseller Plans are available in two types – Windows Reseller Plans and Linux Reseller Plans.

Why are Linux Reseller Hosting Plans more popular?

There are various reasons behind the popularity of Linux Reseller Hosting plans as listed below:

  1. Linux is a reliable and secured platform preferred by users around the world
  2. You can get most of the applications in Linux like DNS, FTP, File Server, etc. for free
  3. While Linux and Windows both offer FTP access to the host, Linux has some advanced options like Telnet, VNC, SSH, etc. With Windows, such options are difficult to find
  4. Since Linux is open-sourced, resellers find it more affordable and can create cheaper hosting packages for their clients
  5. Linux seamlessly works with PHP, MySQL, etc.
  6. Usually, Linux servers are considered to be highly secure since it is an open-source platform having hundreds of programmers regularly testing its security and stability. Even if you discover a vulnerability, it can get fixed within a day! The same cannot be said for Windows.
  7. Linux supports a wider range of programming languages like CGI basic script, PHP, Perl, Ruby, etc.

Summing Up

Hence, as you can see above, Linux has gained popularity over Windows Reseller Hosting plans for a wide range of reasons. While you can offer competitive services using Windows too, the benefits offered by Linux should not be ignored. Finally, you must select a Reseller Plan that works for you and helps you service your target market efficiently. 

Before you start a hosting reseller business, try to get hands-on a Linux server as well as a Windows server. This should give you a good idea about which platform you are more comfortable with. Also, talk to the hosting provider and discuss your business requirements with him to assess if either one suits you better. Good Luck!