Why is Business So Dependent on Technology?

With the technology that allows business LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO Company will continue to run at anytime and anywhere. In the past before the advent of technology, this business process would be very difficult to do. Only certain times and places to do business are unlimited. For example, when you are going to buy an item or want to sell an item, you have to meet with the buyer/seller to be able to do the right thing. This is what makes the boundaries of a narrow place that is only in the area around it.

Process Automation

In the business world, of course, all stakeholders who want the completion of a job in the shortest possible time. This information technology is present as a solution to be able to improve the efficiency of a company’s business by developing process automation. Employees can work more freely when this computer is working on reports, by making queries, recording projects and monitoring finances.

The modern business world is familiar with the term business process automation, which is an approach to a business process that is more effective, stable, efficient, productive and more cost-effective.

In its practice, the BPA is used as a measure of logistics work, and for several processes within the company, such as human resources, finance, sales, operations, and management. This BPA relies on information technology in implementation.

The selection of the right technology will have the effect of eliminating an insignificant process, more accurate allocation, neat financial management and ultimately maximizing company productivity.

Build communication

Today many companies provide a web-based service, in order to expand market reach and provide more relevant details for your business. In addition, not a few who use virtual communication to be able to reach customers, both in the form of customer service, sales, and all digital.

There are several impacts of the use of information technology in terms of business communication, among others, as follows:

Strengthening relationships with customers

With technology (communication), these customers will get easier access and closer reach to a company’s product services. Like for example through the website, this customer will get a lot of information, with member input (feedback), or maybe can buy products/services. Thus this company can better understand the needs of their customers.

Effective and can reduce costs

The business that is run is no longer costs a lot of communication. To build a data center that will help in obtaining employee information in real-time. It can also analyze finances and manage neatly. A simple example of the effectiveness of communication with the help of information technology is e-mail, which simply facilitates business communication within a company.

Network setup

In this modern era, companies have cut time and costs a lot by creating an information-sharing network. In this case with the business running no longer need to provide communication devices as much as the number of employees. But with the information-sharing network, all employees are only focused on one data center. Where they can store and retrieve all the desired data.

Strengthening relations between employees

Employees who are experienced in the IT field can educate other parts so that these can work together in completing a project. In addition, this can also provide for workers to be able to express ideas in solving a problem that arises.

Connecting with other companies

IT can also help these business people to work together or be connected. Software programs, hardware that makes it possible to create relationships between companies without sending their actual location. And can allow the business to business relationships where it can market a product to other companies.


Whether it’s small, medium or large businesses that now have levels playing with the internet. They can also have a web that is used to accept orders, sell goods and some business activities. They have also started to use QR Codes which already look like bar codes. But in the form of a square, with the information system, companies can also process data that is on the market.

A database containing data from the market will be organized and thus at the level of company sales that can be improved, then this information system can also identify every process in the company. In addition, each process that is identified will be able to process data, but it can also be any steps that must be taken to be able to make improvements.