Koenigsegg Had to Revolutionize EV Technology to Establish the Hybrid Gemera

Koenigsegg arrived up with its very own structure for the electrical powertrain in the Gemera hybrid hypercar. Founder Christian von Koenigsegg is a fan of electric powered autos, and as CEO of the automaker that bears his title, he has focused above half of the company’s study and enhancement spending plan towards coming up with, producing and manufacturing EV systems. The electric powered 50 % of the Gemera’s 1700-hp hybrid powertrain is very outrageous—and could I remind you, the inner-combustion half is created up of a twin-turbo three-cylinder motor with no camshafts and a single-gear transmission known as Koenigsegg Immediate Generate.

At the coronary heart of the Gemera’s electrified drivetrain are some in-household-intended factors that, the firm states, are the most ability- and power-dense examples on earth. Here’s how Koenigsegg turns electrons into acceleration.

Each electric auto is controlled by an inverter, the ingredient that will take the direct-present strength coming out of a battery and changes it to the alternating existing that powers the motors. The inverter dictates how an EV performs: When the driver moves the accelerator pedal, it sends a signal to the inverter. The inverter controls the motor’s pace by transforming the frequency of the alternating present-day, and adjusts energy and torque by managing the amplitude of the latest. Therefore, the inverter can end up getting the limiting element in an EVs electricity output and acceleration capacity.

Koenigsegg’s new silicon carbide, 6-stage inverter weighs just 22 kilos. With a quantity of all-around 10 liters, it is incredibly compact. At 850 volts DC, the inverter can develop up to 750 kW of motor energy. Hence the name that Koenigsegg selected for this ingredient: David, soon after the tiny but victorious contender in the very well-known biblical tale.

The Gemera has two of these inverters, which means an output capacity of up to 1.5 megawatts—or just about 2000 hp.

Koenigsegg’s “David” inverter, proven with a 12-oz beverage can for size comparison.


A person David inverter can both run two motors independently, or a single motor up to the whole 750 kW. The inverter was developed to meet

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