Python stays atop the TIOBE programming language index

Inspite of changes in how TIOBE determines its rankings, there was minor change in the index for February.

Graphic: DANIEL CONSTANTE/Shutterstock

The February TIOBE Index of the most well known programming languages is out, and while the operate going on in the history of TIOBE’s calculations has adjusted, not a great deal has shifted in the way of rankings.

Python continues to sit atop the index, with C and Java instantly behind it. In Feb. 2021, people a few also occupied the top location, but with Python in the number 3 placement, C at top, and Java in next place.

Past the leading a few, there has not been a great deal movement in the index, with positions 4 via eight unchanged from the same time final 12 months. Those slots are occupied, respectively, by C++, C#, Visible Essential, JavaScript and PHP. Positions nine and 10 swapped from Feb. 21 to now, with Assembly Language and SQL now occupying each individual other’s positions.

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The one major shift of note amongst Feb. 2021 and Feb. 2022 was with the Groovy programming language, an object-oriented language for Java. About the study course of the year, Groovy fell from 12th place all the way to 20th, putting it perilously near to the “other programming languages” listing.

TIOBE CEO Paul Jansen attributes Groovy’s drop to the development in the CI/CD area. Groovy was the only language used for creating scripts on Jenkins, which Jansen describes as obtaining been “the only serious participant in the CI/CD domain” early on. Now, with platforms that do not involve Groovy, like GitHub, Azure DevOps and GitLab, Groovy is losing its spot at the desk.

“Groovy could have grown further since it was the main script-primarily based option for Java working on the exact same JVM. On the other hand, Kotlin is having over that placement right now, so I feel Groovy will have a challenging time,” Jensen stated.

The TIOBE index could not be whole of surprises this thirty day period, but Jansen did have a

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