Japanese Net Reacts To Square Enix’s Stopping FFXIV Sales

Japan is the dwelling of Last Fantasy. It’s not only wherever the online games are developed, but where by some of FF’s most important enthusiasts reside. Yesterday, Sq. Enix announced that it would be halting the sale of Last Fantasy XIV and yanking ads because of to server congestion. I’m confident you have a lot of ideas about this—so do folks in Japan.

“Considering how this is the game’s eighth yr, this is remarkable.”

“God game.”

“People are coming to this activity since the other MMOs self-destructed and vanished.”

“Total dominance lol. I’ve by no means read of a match so preferred that revenue stop.”

“The only kinds playing MMOs are unemployed shut-ins, lol”

“The tale is good. To be honest, it is much better than the offline FF.”

“At night time, it requires more than an hour to log in.”

“I wish every little thing was solitary participant.”

“Why have the players enhanced this considerably?”

“The digital version bought out LMAO”

“The Remaining Fantasy game for the whole planet.”

“Shit game.”

“I propose the PS5 model.”

“The haters are so irritated.”

“They’re going to enhance the servers.”

“Me, I liked FFXI superior than FFXIV.”

“Foreigners participate in MMOs.”

“The scenario is that that servers are tough to come by with the around the globe semiconductor lack.”

“It’s this common?”

“This is a shit game since it is not out on the Switch.”

“Other than the story, it’s not interesting.”

“This recreation is now famous.”

“I can sense displeasure that sufficient servers weren’t extra.”

“I do not really get it, but why is FFXIV recently well known?”

“I want to engage in XIV fully offline.”

FFXIV was not actually for me, but this is astounding.”

“Has there ever been a much more sincere, outstanding reaction than that of [producer Naoki] Yoshida?”

“This doesn’t take place to offline video games.”

“Japanese games nonetheless received it!”

“This is simply a lack of arranging.”

“As envisioned, this is an on the internet gaming masterpiece.”

“This game would seem specially popular abroad.”

“It sucks that there is a semiconductor scarcity.”

“Nintendo lovers are going bonkers.”

“These remarks by Sony lovers acting triumphant are odd.”

“Will FFXIV stop up locking out international gamers?”

“It would be fantastic to lessen the quantity of gamers.”

“This is unprecedented.”

“An MMO that is offering out LMAO”

“I drink the tears of the Nintendo enthusiasts.”

“It’s so nice to listen to the shrieks of the haters. Go on, do it some far more.”

“An MMO that is likely potent in its eighth yr is awesome.”

“There is a Computer version, so I really do not get why Nintendo supporters who have a Personal computer are getting upset.”

“Is there truly any one obtaining the bundle version?”

“This is almost certainly the to start with and very last time a sport enters its heyday for the duration of the eighth year it is been out.”

“This game is going to proceed for the following 30 many years.”