How to Apply for Lifeline Phone Services

It is a cold and calculating world out there. Many unfortunate events can happen to anyone. Some of them include accidents, natural disasters, and job loss. In times of desperation, it might be hard to remember that you are not alone. However, people can always call for help through the low-cost phone service with a phone line. Below are crucial details about lifeline phone services.

What Does the Lifeline Assistance Program Entail?

The lifeline phone program Oklahoma services come in handy for certain phone services. The lifeline assistance program is affordable when keeping in touch with your doctor’s office. It is also an effective way to place an emergency call to 911. There are certain restrictions on who can receive lifeline subsidies.

Who Can Apply for the Lifeline Phone Services?

To receive the low-cost phone service, you must be low-income. You must either have an official income statement or claim your household income is below 135% of the poverty line. After getting approval for the service, the number is yours for as long as ten years if you remain on the program. You should check with each company to see what programs are available in your area.

What Does Qualifying for the Lifeline Phone Services Mean?

If you qualify for lifeline assistance, you can pick from various service providers. Qualified applicants can have multiple lines installed in the household with one application. The Lifeline phone service companies provide additional monthly calling minutes, depending on the offering plan. However, some providers may give unlimited minutes during certain times or on weekdays only.

The Lifeline assistance program is a government assistance program. It aims to ensure low-income households access telephone service at discounted rates. The phone system has several eligible participants called assistance providers. The Lifeline phone service is free. However, you must apply in writing or online on the relevant website to receive it.