First Week on the Job

The first week of having a new secretary from corporate secretarial services just ended well, and to celebrate, some of the people from the office decided to go to the local bar to have a drink after work. I’m not that much of a drinker, but I do enjoy having a couple of beers from time to time, so I decided to come. Everyone from the office sat at a booth and we ordered some junk food to snack on. One of my coworkers wanted to have a big nacho plate that everyone would be able to eat from, so we all approved of that. It was a pretty good idea on his part, because we all loved it.

The office had to hire a new secretary because the old one finally retired. She had been working at the company for more than 30 years, and finally decided that she wanted to leave and see the world in her old age. I guess if there’s any time to see the world, it’s after you’ve been working for most of your life. She wants to travel to as many foreign countries as she can, starting with the ones in Europe.

The new secretary has only been with us for a short while, but she’s pretty good at her job. She has a faster typing speed than the old secretary, which I guess is to be expected since she is younger in age. Her fingers can probably move a bit faster than the old secretary. Even with how great the new secretary is, we’re still going to miss the old one. Maybe she’ll come back to the office every one in a while to see us when she isn’t doing any traveling. She might be able to bring us some souvenirs from her travels.