Cindy Crushes Programming: Paper Marbling Craft

Right now we have Samantha Burkiewicz of the White Oak Library District Lockport Department to talk about her most latest craft which our patrons loved.

Paper Marbling Craft:

How did I pick it?:

I came throughout a comparable software though on the lookout via outdated application guides that a former coworker experienced gathered from numerous libraries in the spot. There are a lot of diverse methods to marble paper and I located the shaving product method to be the easiest. I was in a position to glimpse up some different YouTube videos and even uncovered this article as well:

Provides (for 30 men and women):

  • Foamy Shaving Product (I utilised 11 oz. cans of Gillete. I requested 12 cans)
  • Meals Coloring (can be any form)
  • Card Inventory (I reduce up card stock into fourths and had enough for each individual to make at least 3 marble papers) 
  • Styrofoam plates 
  • Something to distribute out the shaving product ( I made use of portray spatula but you can use plastic knives or forks) 


Complete cost for me was $48.38 or $1.62 for each person (I acquired for 30 individuals) 

Directions for librarians: 

I established up tables and sat 4 persons at every single desk and had every table share a can of shaving cream.  I experienced some backups as perfectly in situation any tables ran out. I examined the craft beforehand and knew that an 11 oz. can of shaving cream could make about 10-12 items of marbled paper, so just about every human being was capable to make three of them.