Top 4 Tech Events Of 2021 You Should Not Miss

The 2020 tech conference season was over just about before it commenced; it went by in the blink of an eye.

COVID-19 undoubtedly closed many big tech events, and many that were making plans to revamp later in 2020 wound up cancelling entirely.

As a direct consequence, the list of tech events in 2021 will look completely different.

Numerous events have yet to publicly state schedules, and for a legitimate reason: the coronavirus disease outbreak has left 2021 in limbo, and unveiling dates now can direct consequence in another poor bet.

The occasions that have been confirmed for 2021 are listed below, but be sure to keep checking the list of events.

Some institutions that broadcast event series have not yet released dates but intend to do so.

We haven’t yet covered all of the events; if you do not see an event on this list, please contact the event’s organizer.

Some institutions are highly unlikely to host any other in-person event.

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With this let us take a look at upcoming tech events.

1.  5G World.

In 2021, 5G World will come back as one of the most globally integrated platforms to connect with and gain knowledge from the most influential CPs, organisations, and system integrators.

A new hybrid event format, allows users to communicate insights, engage in conversations, and network with leaders from all over the industrial sector.

The event has been redesigned to give people more opportunities than ever before to link and inspire 5G innovations, either online or in-person!

It is virtually scheduled from Monday, September 20th to Friday, September 24th, from 08:00 – 18:00. It is hosted by Informa tech.

2.  AI Summit London

AI is expected to revolutionize the way we operate and maintain businesses.

However, if you know to leverage the disruptive forces of AI, you can disrupt your everyday activities in a manner that is useful to you.

The AI Summit London will provide you with the teaching, motivation, and practical guidance you will need to unlock and improve your AI-enabled organizational change.

The occasion will bring you up to speed on the latest trends, with backing from tech innovators and international authorities, and influenced by influential use-cases from international corporate executives.

The main AI event of London Tech Week gives you unrestricted access to all the information and instruments you need to put your AI company initiatives to life.

The event will be held at ExCel London from Wednesday, September 22nd to Thursday, September 23rd.

3.  Black Hat USA

Black Hat, which shifted to digital last August, plans to return to the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas in 2021, the dates are July 31-August 5, 2021.

Black Hat, one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity events, provides practical skills, lectures on the advancement stage, and networking with hundreds of security solutions.

This event is a must-attend …

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How to Install Smart Power Strips in Your Home in 7 Steps

Opinions on show that installing smart power strips in your home is one of the best ways to save money on utility bills. There are likewise a variety of best energy networks which can be instrumental in learning about power strips.

You can also receive advice on how to get the best brand for your power strips from different links online. For most people, installing their smart power strip is the most daunting activity of their lives. However, with the steps below, it can be easily done.

1.  Get the Things You Need:

You need to find your vampire loads. These are devices that have a remote control like home entertainment gadgets. These are often stereos, TVs, and other things that could be on standby mode before controlled via a remote. You can also find any devices like computers, printers, laptops, etc. which are used in your home office. You can walk into your kitchen and gather devices like a microwave, coffee makers; andget hairdryers, curling irons, electric toothbrushes and others. Gathering these things together and setting up your home to incorporate their fixtures is the first step.

2.  Consolidate Your Electrical Devices:

This is the step where you manage the loads. You can set the clusters of your devices up into a single power strip or two. That is, rather than have different cables for your computer, printer, and stereo, you can have it in just one cable.

3.  Get the Smart Power Sensors:

You can easily get high tech tools with powered sensors. This sensor lest you know when your device is off or powered on. This can help you control the energy use of devices like TV, DVD, game console, stereos, and others. Although power activity sensor strips are expensive, you need them to better enhance a smart home.

4.  Choose the Right Power Strip:

You may choose a Wi-Fi controlled power strip. It works normally, and you can use your phone to control it. Just like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, it listens to voice commands and executes commands. You can also use a remote switch or a Wi-Fi controlled single plug. These power strip outlets help in maintaining remote control over the electric devices in your home.

5.  Plug the Devices’ Cable in:

The devices labelled “hot outlets” or “constant” should be plugged in. They are devices that constantly draw power in your home.

6.  Plug Your TV or Major Electronic Device into the “Control Outlet” of your Power Strip:

These are the outlets that control all power. Whenever the device that is plugged in as the major outlets is off or in the standby mode, it is being registered on APS and all outlets connected to this source will be turned off. This way, you will save energy use in your home.

7.  Plug Other Electronics in the “Switched Outlets” Label:

This is the outlet that is controlled by the major outlet. Whenever there is no activity on the major outlet, … Read More...

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The Benefits of Renting a SAT Phone

SAT phones are becoming affordable by the day. But most people cannot see themselves having such a device for everyday use. The regular cell phone is a reliable piece of equipment, but there are times when a SAT phone will be needed. If you are considering a SAT phone rental and need to know what you can use it for, then here are some ways that your rental SAT phone will help you stay connected.

Benefits of Renting a SAT Phone

The world is a place that needs to stay connected. Business cannot happen unless people can talk to each other. 

  • Your SAT phone will help you stay in touch with your family while you are traveling the world. 
  • You will be able to contact emergency services even when your standard cell phone has stopped working. 
  • Loved ones will be able to contact you while other people are struggling to make contact with their families during an emergency.
  • You can let your location be known while in the wilderness. 

There are a lot of scenarios where a SAT phone would be useful. But renting a SAT phone makes perfect sense if you are only planning on using one for a short period of time. … Read More...

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Tips To Ensure a Successful Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure if you are prepared. Here are some pointers that can help you throughout your journey of relocation. 

Start Planning Well Ahead

There are many reasons you might be moving. Maybe you got a new job or perhaps you built a new home. As soon as possible, start making plans. The further ahead you have everything determined, you can focus on the logistics of the move. 

Make a Checklist

Your moving checklist just might be the most important step. Be as specific as possible. Include contact information and a detailed timeline. At least once during your relocation process, you may become overwhelmed and your brain might feel like jelly. If you have everything written down and accessible to others, they can step in and help you stay on track with your plans.

Use Proper Moving Equipment

Having the right tools and equipment can save your back. Use your head to prevent injury to yourself or others. For instance, if you are moving a piano, make sure to use a dolly made with heavy duty casters. Rent a moving truck that has a ramp or a lift to make loading and unloading easier. Have a hand truck to move large boxes. 

Label Boxes

While packing, be very specific as you label your boxes. List the room where it will go in your new place. List some items inside. You may not have time to unload all the boxes right away, and having them labeled will make finding what you need so much easier. 

Enlist Help

You may have friends or family that offer to help with your move. Accept their offer and give them an assignment. Let a neighbor help with meals after you have packed your dishes. Ask your brother to assist in packing your truck — especially if he is an engineer and is super organized. He will be able to fit more items into the truck space than someone else might. Let your Mom babysit your children at her house. Delegate what you can to those volunteers. If needed, hire a moving company to be your helpers.

Unpack in Phases

Don’t wear yourself out by trying to get settled all at once. Make your beds and put away some kitchen basics, then stop and take a rest. Remember that you are not in a race, pace yourself and enjoy the process.

Good luck with your move. Make that checklist and get started on your sorting and packing. … Read More...

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Five In-Demand Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Within only a few short years, cloud computing has exploded to become a technology that impacts the lives of every individual. Users store personal files on the cloud and utilize cloud apps to maintain connections. IT departments at major organizations have taken huge steps from being apprehensive of cloud security to spending billions on cloud solutions. The cloud delivers all sized companies the ability to rent the servers and apps required instead of purchasing them.

Microsoft is one of the largest and oldest cloud service platforms and hosts various options including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As a result, Microsoft offers highly competitive services with fantastic prices that are drawing away customers from Amazon and VMWare. Some of the most in-demand Microsoft cloud solutions include:

Enterprise Mobility Suite

The recently introduced Enterprise Mobility Suite offers users the ability to leverage existing MS technologies including MS Azure Rights Management, MS Azure Active Directory, and Windows Intune to manage various devices within a single environment. Although the product is new to the cloud marketplace, it is becoming more popular with smaller organizations and enterprises searching for hybrid cloud management.

Microsoft Azure

MS Azure is the large enterprise cloud service offered as IaaS and PaaS. It is a popular service utilized by developers who create apps with the company’s coding resources. Azure offers organizations the ability to work faster, integrate data, and save money in a flexible and scalable manner. Azure is feature-packed and available as a hybrid cloud solution, unlike many other cloud providers that require customers to select a public cloud or their own data centers.

Microsoft SQL Server

MS MSQ Server has been a popular cloud service since 2012 because it is allowing companies to run SQL servers in the cloud. This provides all benefits of a private cloud environment for companies concerned with data security. Cloud SQL Azure servers utilize the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 to privately manage SQL databases and leverage a high level of apps and virtualization.

Microsoft Visual Studio

The cloud-based MS Visual Studio focuses on developers who need to efficiently manage their coding and work that builds on cloud-based systems. Users can install the Multi-Device Hybrid app extension to develop Android, iOS, and Windows devices utilizing Apache Cordova and other standard web technologies. MS Visual Studio users can edit, debug, launch, and manage projected architecture in the cloud.

MS Office 365

One of the best moves made by Microsoft was moving its popular MS Office apps into the cloud. Now known as Office 365, users can access calendars and emails on the go, get improved conferencing capabilities with added security, and work from anywhere with all Office applications. The Office 365 suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath, Lync, Access, and OneNote.

With continued competition from other major cloud service providers, Microsoft continues to up the ante with its solutions. There is no better time to take advantage of the … Read More...

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