Best laptop for programming of 2023

When you need to code from from anywhere, you need one of the best laptops for programming. Don’t be intimidated though, we’ve done all the hard work by testing and selecting those with the essential factors to help you narrow down your search and do your best work, wherever that may be. 


We have a good variety of operating systems available, as well as companies who make the laptop. We have updated some older models to newer ones and have included some budget-friendly options for those needing a quality suggestion without breaking the bank.

No matter what your reason for needing the best laptop for programming may be, below is a phenomenal place to start looking.

Collin Probst, B2B Hardware Editor

When running and testing code, you need enough performance so your workflow isn’t at the mercy of your portable’s limitations. Look for the best processors (opens in new tab) and fast RAM (opens in new tab) to keep up with your projects. Grab a fast and large-capacity SSD (opens in new tab) as well. You don’t want to wait too long to load projects and files. Each laptop we review has been put through a thorough round of testing in many areas, both benchmark and the real world, to help you choose the best machine.