3 Facts about CNC Machining

If you need to produce machine parts precisely and accurately, you should look into CNC machining. Here are three facts about the process.

1. Computer Numerical Control

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It’s the process of automated computer-controlled machine production. The computer program in charge of production ensures efficiency, reduces waste products and produces consistent parts. Like any computer program, CNC relies on coding to reliably mass-produce products that would be difficult for human hands to make identical. You can leverage a program for CNC machining Ontario to create machine parts such as gears or aluminum casings. 

2. CNC Milling

CNC milling is a type of CNC process where the cutting tool used to make a product rotates. The cutting tool is able to move around the workpiece according to the computer’s programmed specifications. This type of CNC process is extremely versatile. You can use it to make basic cylinders or complex patterns. However, CNC milling programs can have trouble accessing the surfaces they need to cut on larger objects. You can use long, thin cutting tools, find ways to increase to movement range of the machine chuck or only use CNC milling for small objects.

3. CNC  Turning

By contrast, CNC turning is the CNC process where the product rotates instead of the stationary machine chuck. This doesn’t mean the cutting tool is stationary. It can move in and out in order to make deeper or shallower cuts as needed. The cutting tool can also move side to side or up and down, depending on the orientation of the machine chuck, to carve larger objects. CNC Turning is quite effective at producing cylinders and cylinder-based objects, such as aluminum baseball bats and shafts. However, CNC turning is less effective at complex patterning.

CNC machining has helped increase efficiency in machining, metal crafting, milling and other industries that require precision manufacturing. Remember, as a manufacturer, when you win is when you produce excellent products, sell and ship it out to buyers both locally and internationally.

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