The Possible Future of Engineering PLC Controls In 2020

If you wish to start using the programmable logic controller so that you can handle the automation technology, you should know that it would advance as time goes by.

They entered the market at the end of the sixties, and since then, they improved similarly to other consumer technology, including getting small, fast, and more affordable than before.

You should have in mind that all PLCs operate by using an embedded processor that can run in real-time by controlling the automation all over your manufacturing factory.

It is an important addition in today’s automation work, especially when compared with other devices that you can find on the market.

When compared with industrial PCs, it is much more effective and faster, which will provide you an excellent efficiency during the production process.

From its very start, the programmable logic controller started as the alternative to thousands of timers and relays. The main goal was to simplify maintenance and support while decreasing the automation system size in the form of hardware.

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As time went by, the relay panels became obsolete, which is why industries started using rack-based PLCs with remote input/output devices.

When it comes to software, the most popular programming language is ladder logic based on the previous timers and relays, so that engineers could transition and learn it with fast turnaround.

We cannot know what the future will bring, but generally, we can present possibilities such as progressive evolution that will meet the demands of factories across the globe. The overall improvements will include more advanced software, communications, and hardware.

Apart from that, the programmable logic controller will merge with a programmable automation controller (PAC) so that you can improve general advancements and create one program that controls everything.

Better, Faster and Smaller

You should have in mind that today’s circuit boards, processors, and other components are becoming smaller and smaller than before. The improvement allowed us to create a PLC which is much more reliable, stable, and with real-time acceptance.

You can analyze the enhancements that happened in the last few years and determine that processors raised the cycle time, the communication features became faster and improved, while the memory capacity reaches the prominence when compared with the first one.

The main idea is that market demands require numerous functions and features that are required for both low and high-end controllers.

Another expectation includes the ability to enjoy in the compact and small controller that will feature all characteristics as the high-end and high-range one, but with a more compact solution that will meet everyone’s needs.

You should remember that the affordable prices of compact controllers would not affect their overall efficiency. Therefore, you will get significant local data storage so that you can use it in a wide array of applications depending on your preferences.

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